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"When You Care About Someone Being Pimped (or Trafficked)" by Jody Williams.  

and "When You Care About A Sex Worker" for those not being pimped.

We have a book available for you sharing our "experience, strength and hope" in these areas of trying to be of the most help you can to the one in the sex industry, without "enabling" them, but mostly on how to protect yourself.  Being in the life of someone in the sex industry can be like walking through a mine field.  Even if you're trying to leave - you can still step on a bomb.  We advise you, as best as we can, where and what those bombs might be, and how to protect yourself and the rest of your family.  We say that because often one person will bring others from the family "in" with them.  Misery loves company is the old saying - as well as "no one likes to drink alone". 

While there are parallels between someone in the sex industry, and the alcoholic, there are distinct differences.  For example, I don't know of anyone who has been arrested recently simply for knowing someone who is an alcoholic.  However, there are laws on the books about "living off the earnings of a prostitute" as well as "conspiracy" laws in some state which can arrest you simply for talking to the wrong person at the wrong time about the wrong subject.  We try to cover as much information on this as we can in our book. 

If you'd like to order the SWAN book - we have an ebook for $4.95 and a printed copy for $25.00  You can order the book by sending a check or money order payable to J.L. Williams to our address, or by sending it by check, debit or credit card on paypal to the email address of [email protected]  This is to protect your anonymity.  We do not put our books up for sale on Amazon, or other sites, because law enforcement has been known to come in without a warrant and pull "buyer lists".  It's well know in some circles that an alert will go out whenever anyone buys "Catcher in the Rye", or even checks it out in a library.  So to protect you - all orders come through us directly.

If you'd like a newsletter - it's $99.00 for the year for a printed copy mailed to your house and $45 a year for an email version sent to you online.  If you want to be totally "confidential" - we'd suggest the printed version that way there's no record online of you receiving it. 

Printed Copy of SWAN

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